Phaedrus, Version 2 of my Chatbot

I recently built a “Hello World” chatbot using Snatchbot. My friend, “Kerrumba,” said it needed a name. He suggested “Phaedrus.” Kerrumba groks this.

I just created the “Phaedrus” version. It is much more functional. Keep in mind that a chatbot is not a full-blown artificial intelligence. It can facilitate a chat-like dialog about a specific range of subjects.

Phaedrus can do the following:

  • Present some basic options in button format. E.g, an About button can be clicked to learn more about Phaedrus.
  • Handle chat text for the same, e.g, enter “Tell me about yourself”
  • Show a gallery of some After Reading images
  • Show samples of my After Reading essays
  • Handle subscription requests
  • Send an email directly to the real me
  • Fun. Basic language capabilities. It can recognize and reply to compliments and bad language.

The next step will be to incorporate more sophisticated language handling.